Axial SCX10 II! Chevy BLAZER!


Gmade GS02!

….just when you thought there couldnt be a better scaler out there!

Their GR01 Rock buggy looks impressive too!

….dont forget the SAWBACK GS01

Model kits for S.M.T.C!

Static model Tether Car Racing (SMTC) is simply truck adventuring in miniature via a stick and string.
Here are some potential models by REVELL. You can pick these up at the local hobby lobby…..always bring your 40% OFF coupon! (can be found online).

FOR Some SNOW Adventure….

….and if youve always wish you could afford a SYNCHRO VW!

The Following is an MPC model kit of a 75 pickup!


Found this little gem at the local goodwill for 4$! Albeit, it can be picked up for about 15$ on ebay. The minis are prepainted….and honestly look awesome!…..i initially thought that someone else had personally painted them.
Rules are super simplistic….but there are ADVANCED rules that dial up the fun with the game. What is neat about the game is the bases on which the miniatures sit….they are color coded to the dice,,,,thus its very simple to figure out which dice to bring out.

Here are some pics of the game:

THE BASES Are about the same size as HEROSCAPE figures….some fans of this game have created their very own football team creations like the one below: