Awesome Way to get into DIGITAL pit Racing!

its only 75$!!…..if you have the funds, this is a steal



…wow,,,,,,ok, now to wait for the conversion kit!

Take a looksy at these pics: ….looks VERY close to the 5B/King motor.

I REALLY REALLY need to build that last 1/6 body for my 5b! killerK has the only one that i completed 100% with fiberglass, V6steeda has the Euro-Rally car Below are the pics from the killerK body build.

Runescape MMORP!

Free and looks like a decent alternative to pay-based MMORPs! Albeit it is rate 6.5 out of 10.

The features of the game can be found here:

ALternatively, some other very nice MMORPGs are:
Guild Wars 3
Star Wars the old republic (the game was fantastic back in the day!)
Lord of the Rings online

……oh and this one DUNGEONS and Drangons NEVERWINTER!