Mutant Year Zero!

a game about…..empire building! First you flesh out your base, the ark….then the surrounding landscape around it, the zone…..then you discuss projects amongst your team on how to protect, expand, improve the ark (your base) with the group, the assembly.

Pretty intersting world building—-reminds me of the quiet year rpg in a way.
A free preview is available for download.-F4x4

Polaris RPG!

“The Polaris RPG is set in a far future where the world above ground has become uninhabitable for the human species. Human beings have found refuge in the depths of the ocean, where they try to somehow survive in spite of the many difficulties they encounter in this hostile environment. The species’ degeneration (characterized by the increasing number of sterile individuals and various genetic mutations), the perpetual wars that have ravaged entire colonies, the monsters, and, above all, the difficulty of exploiting natural resources are the immediate problems faced by this civilization.”–

Gorgeous looking game….and its all UNDER WATER!

IronClaw RPG!

this anthropomorphic fantasy rpg may just be the ticket for v4steeda!

Dont be fooled by the cartoon like cover—–its over 300 pages and looks amazing on the inside.

I do like the fact that the game does not limit you to a mouse (mouseguard rpg) or rabbit (the warren rpg)……instead any animal is possible.

Go here to download a sample rulebook to see if you might like this:


A deck building game using the amazing system utilized in shadowrun crossfire……its just reskinned with a D&D fantasy theme. Should be fun like shadowrun crossfire.

Tales from the Loop RPG!

Been reading this rpg recently and its fantastic! Recreates the feeling of being back in the 80s again when we were kids. Think of it as playing an rpg that puts you into the mindset of kids 10-15 years old along the likes of the GOONIES and Stand By Me. IN addition it loops in a SciFi element where the kids all live in suburbia near particle accelerators (Think Sweden’s hadron colyder project),,,,,which in turn have adverse affects on time. Robots are also common as well as gravitational propulsion, which is described in great detail of the book.
If interested, let me know and i will loan you my copy to read! The game mechanics are really easy…..funny thing about the game is that once your character turns 16–he is no longer part of the game……possibly turned over as an NPC (nonplayer character) in the story.

The rulebook is written extremely well and the art is AMAZING! Enjoy these few pics: