Welcome to the ONE SIXTH Page.  Post anything 1/6 here.  Figures, Vehicles and Armor all in huge scale.

Some great sources:  http://www.onesixthwarriors.com and http://www.monkeydepot.com/

pictured above:  PREORDER Dragon1/6 Panzer II Ausf.C DAK (71455) Includes FREE US SHIPPING! at monkeydepot

This 1/6 jeep would make a great TRAIL TRUCK!

1/6 Model Kit: Dragon SAS Jeep “Desert Raider” (75038) UNPAINTED KIT

All i need is one of these, below, to tow behind my Stuart….and I’m all set to take on any Tiger!


Soldier on a WELLBIKE

Snake Eater above, as well as THE BOSS (shown below):


45 comments on “1:6

  1. Need a plane to complete your 1/6 diorama? check out the Topflight 1/5 p-51 mustang. Comes as a kit at around 300$ Thats alot of value considering the size. In addition there are tons of scale options for this…..including realistic cockpits…ect. Wingspan is a little over 84″ long. More importantly…the detail is there!

  2. Dollmore has released a new Kidult girl named Celia. The 32 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin. Basic Celia comes with a random color pair of glass eyes and a random wig. Sanding service, face-up and body blushing are optionally available.

    all thats missing in this pic is the flatbed trailer used to haul the sherman tank

    there are 2 more Dragon Wagon builds on this site http://www.warbird-photos.com/gpxd/viewtopic.php?t=20047&start=20

    This was ideally what i was going to do with the 1/6 Unimog i scratch built…..but didnt have enough resources and the summit is an extermely LIFTED platform to build on.

  4. one of the most prized 1/6 zombies is a “Sideshow Collectible” released at a 2005 comicon, limited to 300 pieces. It is called PATIENT ZERO!
    you can still get your hands on one,,,,but it will set you back 300$!

  5. Check out one of the largest Robots ever……its from METAL GEAR SOLID
    Introducing the METAL GEAR REX!!

    In collaboration with Team Kojima and Konami, the intricately designed figure features a 23-inch long laser cannon and stunning light up component. At 14-inches wide and over 19-inches long, the impressive MGS REX makes an extraordinary addition for any Metal Gear Solid fan.
    very cool, lit up cockpit.

    It weighs in at 22 lbs!

  6. Cant afford the plastic versions? Check out 38cm papercraft anime dolls
    for example this one:
    here is the download for this one…..very detailed!

    here is another from the anime Guilty Crown—tis awesome

    get this one here:

    And lastly one called DEAD MASTER


  7. Picked up a DSV (desert strike vehicle) 1:6….the world peacekeepers edition
    Check this site out on various 1:6 DSVs. http://www.onesixthwarriors.com/forum/sixth-scale-action-figure-news-reviews-discussion/678671-desert-patrol-vehicle-dpv.html
    The most impressive one is the GI JOE CHENOWETH DESERT STRIKE DUNE BUGGY

    here is the ebay link http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-6-SCALE-GI-JOE-CHENOWETH-DESERT-STRIKE-DUNE-BUGGY-/111083537343?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item19dd1843bf#ht_641wt_993

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