This page dedicated to Figma 1/8 scale by max factory and good smile company…..as well as various figures such as the smallest Halo series of figures.

PICTURED Below: Max Factory Persona 4 The ULTIMATE in MAYONAKA ARENA figma No. 161 “Aigis -The ULTIMATE Ver.-” (Japan Import)

What’s so great about this scale? DETAILS are equal to the upper end 1/6 scale figures…..in addition they look great next to my Trail trucks!

Pictured Below: MARI from EVANGELION!!

Pictured: Max Factory – Xenosaga Episode 3: Also sprach Zarathustra figurine Figma T-elo

Pictured below is SAMUS…unfortunately its a PVC…but nice.


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  1. Yui Takamura
    Takamura Yui is one of the main characters appearing in all versions of Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. In all her appearances, she is introduced as a a strict and no-nonsense eishi of the Empire of Japan’s Imperial Royal Guard. However, her fixation on all things military, and her own strict code of honor, works against her when it comes to getting acquainted with new faces, as well as matters of emotion.

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