Golden hind progress!

1. Put in all but 11 and 12
2. Strengthen joints by wedging Popsicle sticks
3. Put Dow rods through10 thru 3, cut ends to abutt 11 and 2. If holes don’t align, FLIP bulkhead 180 degrees and all should be good.









4 comments on “Golden hind progress!

    • Ha! all the hard work has been done 😉
      the above steps only took 30 minutes……luckily i went back over those bulkheads to ensure they fitted easilly…..albeit, 1 bulkhead was alittle on the tight side and i had to shave it down alittle—-wish i had taken note of which one it was.

    • Yep! look at this post for the grocery list—-i ordered from
      The hard part is going to be installing it….primarily the motor mount.
      most parts—-screw, shaft, motor coupler, and motor….were 15$ each….but it all adds up. i spent 90$ but that includes the speed controller, motor, and a servo……thus everything except the radio receiver and battery.
      It comes together easily and nicely due to the 2nd run with the jigsaw that i made to all 3 models…..thus the pieces fit without too much struggle.

      YES, you will need DEDICATED space to work on this BEAST… is rather huge.
      My creeping fear is that since this thing is going to be really really large and heavy—–it may have a tendency to capsize or roll……thus a Weighted KEEL, similar to what you see on RC sailboats may need to be employed when the time comes.


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