Contenders RPG! All About Boxing!

YEs an rpg game about BOXING.  Uses Playing CArds!  Very promising… is an excerpt:

My vision returns at the count of five, I taste blood, my blood. The roar of the crowd is deafening, they want more. They always want more.

More blood, more pain.

I?m kneeling as the ref gets to seven, I can see in his eyes that he doesn’t expect me to get up. Why would I?

Face more pain.

Now I see her, in the front row, tears black with mascara streaming down her face, I?m drawn to the eyes, deep pools, reflecting the pain.

My pain.

The moment seems to last an eternity. I needed that, that reminder of hope. This is for you babe!

Bring the pain.

I?m on my feet again at nine. The ref hesitates for a split second.

?Ok, box!?

Now feel the pain?

download a copy here:


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