SMTC portable terrain!

This layout is both fun and usable.
There is something very zen about playing at this scale.












3 comments on “SMTC portable terrain!

    • if you like it, its YOURS! I’ll bring it on the 28th.
      KillerK– if you want one, let me know and i will build it……yeah tough to get DIRT when everything is FROZEN. This particular layout was built using elmers glue and CRAFT sand from the hobby store. -F4x4

  1. Oh,,,,,how do you play? You will notice that there are 6 Flags on the MAP, 5 of which can be placed anywhere on the map, #6 is FIXED and cannot be moved.
    The challenge is defined by rolling 2d6, that is how many gates/flags you must pass through to complete the course. Now to begin…….
    Simply roll 2d6 (two six sided dice)…..the result are the flags that you must drive the car between. If you roll a TIE (both dice the same), a “complication” is in play for that round…..ex= avoid all logs, cross the snow bank, cross the bridge, or you must go to your start location. Completing the complication does not count towards your Challenge count.

    This is how i have been playing with the map. Additionally, i have you pick out a Primary and Secondary vehicle. IF your primary tips over on its side…..the secondary is used to “winch” the primary back onto all fours (this accomplished by taking the tether and looping around the chassis or wheel).

    Makes for great fun. Will try to make a TRAIL Sheet to record the Challenge count and gate markers. -F4x4

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