Crossman 1377 American Classic Mods!

This gun is sooooo modifiable!  Maybe the ultimate bug-out gun!  the 1322C is .22 caliber!

Go from this

To this

here are other mods


7 comments on “Crossman 1377 American Classic Mods!

  1. I know you want the Umarx Steel Storm but you should look at the Umarex EBOS it uses 88 gram CO2 instead of two 12 gram CO2

  2. I’m getting the .22 also but no there multi pump. Ten pumps on the .177 is claimed to get 600 fps and the .22 is said to get 460 fps. Look up all the mods you can increase power with longer barrels and valve / piston upgrades, I don’t plan to do to much to mine just shoot it

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