Rally Pace NOTES!

In rally racing the navigator is charged with providing route notes to the driver in real time.  This is normally written in short hand.  Here is a diagram of the turns that could be taken….it is written in JEMBA INERTIA Notes System

American System

Descriptive Term Flat or fast plus (Fastest corner) Flat or fast Easy plus Easy Easy minus Medium plus Medium Medium minus Kay plus Kay Kay minus Bad plus Bad Bad minus Hairpin plus Hairpin, (Slowest corner)
Numeric Representation L/R6+ L/R6 L/R5+ L/R5 L/R5- L/R4+ L/R4 L/R4- L/R3+ L/R3 L/R3- L/R2+ L/R2 L/R2- L/R1+ L/R1

Here is a sample of some REAL rally notes:


One comment on “Rally Pace NOTES!

  1. “R5/CR L3 n.c. 100 R1 tidy into L2 300 !! Jump L2/ kick into R3>”
 That translates into the following (which is all the driver hears): “Right 5 over crest, Left 3 don’t cut, 100 Right 1 tidy into Left 2, 300 double caution jump, left 2 over kick into right 3 tightens.”

    here is a sample of the language in real time

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