Anki Overdrive!

Anki’s formative product, Anki Drive, sees players race RC cars against each other and computer AI players on a roll-up game mat, using iPhone apps as controllers. The cars sport microprocessors onboard and virtual weapons, making Drive more or less a video game played out in the real world. The next iteration, Anki Overdrive, retains the smart RC cars but forgoes the game mat for very slot car-esque constructible and reconfigurable tracks, which now accommodate elevation changes and jumps.

This new evolution becomes available for purchase on September 20 as a starter kit, priced at $149.99. The Anki Overdrive kit comes complete with two cars, six 90-degree curved track pieces, four straightaway pieces, two riser pieces, and a car charger station, which allows for eight possible track combinations out of the box.

Additional expansion kits and cars will be available to give your track some more personality, and if you have enough dedication, you can recreate some historic racing circuits. Those expansion components and other cars are available on Amazon, as well as other locations.

MAYBE the next slot car set!


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