RC airbus a310 airplane!


3 comments on “RC airbus a310 airplane!

  1. Yeah, they are much bigger than you think—-they really should be considered gliders! I definitely like the slower pace of these planes.
    Here is a size reference:

  2. Your right about the balloon part……read the below translation:

    “One of the most attractive in our eyes is this a remote control model airplanes by Martin Miller (Martin Müller) manufactured 1/22 proportion of AIRBUS A310 aircraft, as all movable airfoil wing surface it completely mimic the real machine , ailerons, flaps, speed brakes, wheels and other income, not the complex movable airfoil attract us, but it has a wingspan of 2m, but only 285g ultra light weight? And what can be achieved with limited weight movable airfoil require it?
    The answer is simple, the aircraft using a KT board “break” out of the airfoil, and then pull the corresponding servos with limited deceleration board, rudder, etc., because of light weight, so pull the rudder does not need too much power large, there is the material used, two huge engine casing, is actually a sponge made of modeling, which in fact is not considered ducted power, but in general the propeller, engine block because of the large institution, with the general propeller may have a greater thrust and flight speed can also get good control.
    The most important thing is part of the fuselage, looks like a cylindrical body, is actually a helium filled balloon, was able to carry the two power motor, two battery, 9 servos, After closing round structure, but also to have 285g of ultra-lightweight body weight, it is no wonder that it can fly in the indoor space, “Gone with the Wind” with!
    ▼ authors are assembled A310, from behind the fuselage wrinkles that road can obviously know this is a foil balloon, but the table next to the more cylinders can confirm that he uses helium to reduce the weight of the aircraft, reducing the wing load, A310 aircraft can be used to make this a relatively low-power flight.”


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