Shootout SR development!

Slowly getting done! When completed the play testers kit will be ready. M&Ms are used as ammo in playtesting.










3 comments on “Shootout SR development!

  1. We should come up with at least 3 variations of the game. Try to finish the draft you started—-and i’ll get this version with locations and time completed.
    Locations would be like “THE TOWN” where the sheriff is supreme……while out on the prairies,,,,the Indians are supreme. This now adds the dimension of RANGE to the game,,,,,,,if i know that you are very powerful—i will want to get out of range of your character, albeit the barrel loads up and the more stacked in the barrel triggers more abilities and more shooting range. Empty the barrel with 1 BIG shot to kill off an opponent……but risk having to start all over again at RANGE 0 since you have emptied the barrel! The day tracker is something i thought would be neat for more advanced play—for example wolves out at a full moon or zombies out during the night. Some players could possibly be masters of time and halt time for a moment……OR you could have vampires that dont take normal actions during the day,,,,but make up for it at night! You will notice that the gun is in 3 pieces……the barrel, Gun sight, and handle grip. Handle grip is just ascetics….the Sight defines your ranges / ability triggering while the barrel defines at what point you may shoot a power shot from the barrel (notice the bullets in the barrel). The last bullet is a KILL shot with RANGE 0. With this modularity,,,,,,,we can add OTHER guns like a blunderbuss or shotgun! I even thought of this being a TIMELESS game system in which modern weapons could be added by replacing the revolver with a clip.
    Playtesting will reveal if these systems run smoothly together or become way too confusing. Cards are used FACE DOWN to carry out the actions……..other players see what you have in the revolver—-but what you do with it is another thing…..

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