The SPOILS! card game.

Check out all the cards to this nice game (spoiler alert) here:

Grab your quickstart rules here: posted the following:

You’re reading this likely because you realized the awesomeness that is The Spoils or you’re at least curious. The Spoils is a trading card game by Arcane Tinmen. It’s a game that has a life of its own in spirit and function while also borrowing from some of the best card game mechanics around. At the same time, it leaves behind some of the infamous shortcomings of other card games.
It has been interesting seeing players with years (even decades) of experience in other games become convinced of what The Spoils brings to the card table; Have you ever wanted to draw a card whenever you wanted? Have you ever wanted more control over your mulligans? Have you ever wanted more control in a game, period? The Spoils offers more. It isn’t constrained by dated game mechanics, it doesn’t reach for traditional fantasy, it doesn’t rely on other media or game worlds. The Spoils is flexible, imaginative, and stands alone. It does this because, as we’ve learned personally, it’s a great game and holds a lot of promise. We want to share this excitement with others who have not had an opportunity to play and hope you’ll open yourself to a similar transformation.

Below are resources for your learning and some quotes from players who have gotten attached to the game. Please check out the links below for more information or if you’d like to play!

“The Spoils – An imperfect world stuck in a perfect game”
– Ken Pilcher
“The Spoils is a skill intensive game with the outcome being determined much more by smart player decisions than by oops-I-win moments with a single powerful card.”
– Anthony Padron
“I’ve been a longtime Magic: The Gathering fan for years. After playing The Spoils I can honestly say it’s just better and makes Magic seem simple.”
– Jake Barsness

“In Spoils, every card has a use, and every game plays out differently. The game doesn’t get boring. Basically, take everything you like about Magic, then remove everything you don’t like, and you have The Spoils.”
– Javier Adorno

“After sinking my mind into Spoils for a few months, I’ve learned along the way that this game really has something special going for it. It would be a shame to miss sitting down with it for a couple games by anybody who gets enjoyment out of card gaming.”
– John Maldonado


Team Covenant definitive Spoils tutorial series:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:


Basic Rules:

Comprehensive Rules:

Resources (The Spoils official website) (Searchable visual directory of all The Spoils cards) (Local chat room where you can discuss all things The Spoils and plan a time/place to meet up and play)


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