ReFlex: A Forerunner Bendable Phone Prototype

As the title says, ReFlex is a bendable phone prototype by students at the Queen’s University in Canada. The device’s screen is a 720p LG flexible OLED touch screen, and bending the phone translates into a ‘touch’ or a ‘tap’ as feedback. It also uses Android’s KitKat, and to detect if the user(s) are bending the phone and show the feedback, it uses a haptic actuator.

One big thing about this android phone prototype is that its virtual books, comic books, and magazines will be more natural.

Angry Birds and the like apps will be a lot easier with this phone (as shown in the video below). Think about bending the phone and taking a photo, start or ending a videos, view other images and a gallery, and more!

See the video below for MORE info, made by the people who made ReFlex and Human Media Lab.


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