BrickBuddy99’s Plant vs. Zombie CCG!

Brickbuddy99 was going to start developing a personal plant vs. zombie deck.

Here is one that i came up with using the Magic Set Editor

Gatling PEA

So this card is a pretty decent heavy hitter.  The 3/1 gives it a 3 attack with only 1 defense…..BUT, if there are OTHER PEA soldiers present…..Gatling PEA cannot be targeted by an attack!  IN addition, the extreme firepower is belayed by its ability to knock down nearby zombies, while attacking another zombie!   However, the cost is rather high……the cost of 4 GREEN LAND (at the top of the card) means that it would take on average 4 turns before you can put GATLING PEA onto the battlefield.-F4x4



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