ARC Mars Attacks!

DBRC presents ANOTHER ARC Themed game! This one fighting the Mars ATTACKS Aliens!
there are 2 playmats printed on standard 8×11 paper:
1.One for the battlefield conditions which define whether or not your soldier can fire this round as well as the solo deck slot to see if you take damage
2.Second playmat is for your 4 man squad.
Dont run out of cards or men!
Equipment needed:
Printout of the 2 playmats, a BB gun, 4 plastic army men setup 50′ away from you to represent the MARS ALIENS and 1 deck of playing cards!

Get the playmats here:
Battlefield playmat1
Squad playmat2

ARC Mars Attacks playsheet


ARC squad Mars Attacks



2 comments on “ARC Mars Attacks!

  1. yes im sort of lazy about that…ill try to do better. Alternatively use the search engine built into wordpress….it works great when im looking for my old stuff in this Electronic TOY BOX!-F4x4 😉

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