This just in the works. CAUTION: Battlefield play-mat contains adult LANGUAGE!This just in the works. CAUTION: Battlefield play-mat contains adult LANGUAGE!

Equipment needed:  1 bb gun for every type you wish to use in the game. (pistol, rifle, assault, sniper).  2 decks of cards, 1 for the battlefield and 1 per every 4 man squad in the game.  4 plastic green army men per player as targets.

This is like the other ARC games.  A few improvements.  EVENTS are a new thing on the battlefield mat……basically if the battlefield card matches an event, the event effect is in play until the battlefield card is replaced.  The Solitaire deck is now called the Encounter deck….primarily because, sometimes you want player vs. player vs. A.I.  …and the PREDATOR theme matches this to a T.   Pick off your fellow players in the amazon jungle….but the predator works from the Encounter deck and will slowly pick off the humans encroaching on his hunting grounds.

The 2nd play-mat is designed for your squad of 4.  and as you can see, the 4 players are aptly named after the primary characters from the first Predator movie.

NEw in this set is the ability to switch weapon types by paying 1 card.  Put a bounty on another player to double the point-value of the kill which will matter at the end of the game.  Protect your player by spending 1 card and making him “protected”(this was the “hidden” idea that killerK came up with) for the round.  Reloading will cost you 1 card…….but wait,,,,watch your cards—if you cannot draw a card, you loose and are out of the game.   Spend your cards wisely.

The colorful squares were meant to be where wooden pegs could be installed….or simple tokens placed.   Was going to glue these onto the back of plywood or laminate.



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