Chain Reaction 3.0!

Chain REaction is a miniature games rule system that makes sense. I can see using this system for 1 vs. 1 combat of 1:6 figures
Here is a good summary of the rules system

 I activate and move first.
 I move my figure around the corner and your
figure can see me.
 You take an In Sight Reaction Test.
 Maybe you shoot at me.
 Maybe you don’t.
 If you do shoot at me either you hit me or you
 If you hit me you see how bad the damage is.
 But if you miss me I take a Received Fire
Reaction Test.
 Maybe I shoot back at you.
 Maybe I duck back for cover.
 Or maybe I runaway.
 We continue to fire back and forth until either one
of us gets hit, runs out of ammo, ducks back
behind cover, or runs away.
 When all my actions and all reactions that they
have caused are finished, it’s your turn to activate.

if you like SWORD and SHIELD….they have a rulesbook for that specifically
called “SWORD PLAY”



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