Make your own RPG!

Open Gaming License (OGL)
“An Open License allows the free and perpetual re-use of original material by anybody willing to follow the restrictions of said license, without an explicit contact or negotiation between original author and licensee.”

In other words, if something is available under an open license, I can use and re-use it for free, as long as I respect the restrictions laid out in the license, without having to contact the author.

Go here to get your hands on the latest systems!

Dont think OGL can be successful? Think AGAIN!…check out PATHFINDER RPG!

The History, Current State of OGL Publishing, Pathfinder, and “d20”

heres a few pics of some successful OGL RPG created games!

As far as content licenses go, the Open Gaming License is incredibly simple. It allows you to re-use and modify material that has been placed under it, and also allows you to intermingle that Open Game Content (OGC) with closed content, which is described as Product Identity. This allows you to, for example, use monsters from the SRD in an adventure, with you declaring that the “flavour text” descriptions of the other characters, events, and locations in the adventure are your Product Identity.

IF you want to try one……maybe try out FATE? Get it HERE:


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