Yomi CArd fighting game!

This reminds me of STreet Fighter…..but with cards!
great card game system.

They provide a free HEARTS preview of the cards here:

rulebook can be found here: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/50f14d35e4b0d70ab5fc4f24/t/53f8590be4b01724194441f6/1408784651298/yomi_rulebook_v41-2.pdf

Each CHARACTER deck is nothing more than a standard deck of cards with the jokers included……check out the 20 characters and their abilities in the 1st link above!

There is also a Virtual online version……if you simply want to play it that way.

Yomi is a self-contained game. You never make your deck any better, and you will never need to update it.


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