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Hey, this is like my third or fourth blog post! This time, it is about my new board game, Black Fire!

Black Fire is a tile-based board game shooter that is inspired by modern shooters (Titanfall, PvZ: Garden Warfare series, et cetera) where RPG-Based Character Creations, Chess, and Gun-slinkers combine!


Black Fire has three main type of weapons: Melee Weapons (e.g. swords), Ranged Weapons (e.g. guns), and Thrust(able) Weapons (e.g. spears, iron shafts).Melee weapons can only work at the tile right in front of the player (Player Character) or 1 tile between the player and his/her targeted player.

Melee weapons can only work at the tile right in front of the player (Player Character) or 1 tile between the player and his/her targeted player.

To keep it more simple, ranged weapons, guns in this case (for now… may change later..), have basically unlimited range, or no stated range.

Thrustable (BYE BYE GRAMMER!!!!) weapons or thrust weapons are throwable weapons such as spears and shafts (tomahawks maybe…) that can be used as ranged or melee weapons (dual-purpose).

All weapons have a damage inflicted stat.


As already stated, Black Fire has a simpler Character Creation system. As of now, There are four stats: Health, Healing, Aim, and Strength (adds damage to weapons). Each stat can go up to level 6 (VI). The player rolls a d6 (six-sided) dice , and whatever the number it lands on is the level of the selected stat. Players must select the Health stat, put can pick any of the other three along with the forced selection of the stat Health (or HP).

After the player killed his/her enemy target, he or she will gain 1 exp., which is can be used to upgrade stats to new levels (1 exp. spent on stat = next level up on that selected stat) after the round or match for future matches. This can only be spent and the character can still be used for later matches if he or she did not die.



The game is basically complete, but a few things are left need to be tested (along with rewriting the rulebook to make sense) and I need to add a few more basic modes (Team Skirmish, Hunted, and maybe CTF) and define weapons and their damages…


Next time I will talk more about Character Creation, and normal Gameplay, amongst other things!

— V4steeda/brickbuddy/(AD)



2 comments on “Black Fire -Announcement|About

    • I still want to work on it… Maybe do some more creating later this week or month! But I also have the book now… Right now Black Fire is basically up for grabs between the board game and the book; WHO’S GONNA BE FINISHED FIRST (and what will I call the other one)?

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