V4steeda getting into RPG!

V4 wanted to get into RPGs….he was going to get the starter box for “EDGE of EMPIRE”….like it, but dont like the fact that you need custom dice

HOWEVER, here is a pic so that you wont need custom dice:

ALTERNATIVELY, Shadowrun is a great and EASY game that uses only D6 dice and you can pretty much start a game using QUICK START rules available here:



3 comments on “V4steeda getting into RPG!

  1. Never shall this post until now! The main reason why I want to get into them is not just to play them but so I can make them (stories, rulesets, characters, creatures, planets, et cetera) since most RPGs I can’t play or don’t really care for the universe. (Note this is the day after he gave me this freebie.)

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