DBRC Kami-Robo #1!


Ok, my first crack at creating a Kami-robo action figure with working joints (floral wire).  Twas hard to construct since i did not have heavy card stock on-hand, thus paper was rolled and compressed to create it.  They are pretty poseable due to the wire…over time the joints will loosen and they will be more adaptable.  What is nice about this is that these are easily repairable using simple materials.

Kami-robo is basically Luchador robot wrestling.

Any ideas for a name?    Volador Drill Kicker is my initial thoughts (Volador meaning “to fly”).

Yes, these are suppose to look colorful and slightly less serious!

For more about kami-robo, check this  site out: http://www.kami-robo.com/en/character/character_top.html



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