Dx9 Transformers boxes!

dx9 is a developer of 3rd party transformers robots——their work is as good as MASTERPIECE or better!

Here are a few of the boxes:

notice that galvatron is called “tyrant” by dx9
<img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/tf.images/reduced-galery_image_10924_18590.jpg&quot;


4 comments on “Dx9 Transformers boxes!

  1. yes it is definitely the best cykill ive seen.

    DX-9 actually makes a pretty decent megatron too!…..much better than the hasbro masterpiece version. The below video show you the multiple megatron clones out on the market…….yes they are ALL Better than the masterpiece megatron.
    The DX-9 megatron is called MIGHTRON!

  2. When IDW comics took control of the transformers franchise….they did a very neat spin off call HEARTS of STEEL. Basically all the transformers were done in STEAM PUNK Style! here are some of them:

    SHOCKWAVE–yes they really transform!!!



    Optimus as a TRAIN


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