NOTE: This is not a “Join me to make a game” type of thing. I am just currently learning to code in GameMaker Language (GMC, GM:S, and now GM S 2 (all by Yoyogames)).


Today I wanna talk about a game I am TRYING to code, which for now I am calling it Worldly Encounters. The idea is that it’s a 2D (most likely) pixelated top-down Pikmin-style game with survival features such as crafting, eating, and monster-loot-drops (gasps for air)…

My plan is to have it also with some sandbox features, e.g. build a house, but unlike most survival and sandbox games is that YOU can also control workers for YOUR benefit/survival. I have never heard of anything like this. This is just a quick(er) post about the idea..! Hopefully, next time I post there will be more (I started two or three days ago)!


Here’s some sprites/images (NOTE I made these MYSELF):

spr_worker_0 – generic worker (temp)

spr_sneaker__sniker__worker_0 – (worker) sneak-sniker

spr_enemy_0 – generic enemy (temp)

spr_player_0 – generic player (temp)

spr_meat_0 – meat (temp)



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