Vortech Uniomnivere (VU) – ABOUT

Hey! Today I am going to talk about the Vortech Uniomniverse..!

The Vortech Uniomniverse (VU) is where all of my fantasy/sci-fi/games/fiction-based books/board or card games (STUFF), etc. go into. What does Uniomniverse mean? Well, I made it up.. ‘Uni’ for one ‘omni’ for of all/all things (everything) and then the ending ‘verse’ as in many other universe type ideas (e.g. multiVERSE, uniVERSE, pocket-VERSE, omniVERSE). It is basically a more creative way of saying multiverse, since I like the shorter way of saying it, VU (as in VU your world), and that I think we have all heard of the Marvel Multiverse.


The reason there is ‘Vortech’ before it is this: my first REAL fiction ideas were of this character Vortech, who was a green Liqoid that came to earth and upon swallowing tons of clay (‘since he had too) to escape the sighting of a female human. He was acting as a scout to see if this planet would be at terms with them. After getting out of the bag of clay he hid in, he gained the power to change his body’s (think ‘molding’ with coloring) look, texture, et cetera, upon the fact that Liqoids are kinda like rubber; they can be solid or be liquid that doesn’t burn-up/melt/evaporates. BASICALLY, a superhero comic idea (I wish to make it legit later on).


That’s all for now! I’ll keep you posted more about it in the coming day(s)!


6 comments on “Vortech Uniomnivere (VU) – ABOUT

  1. Ok, the pages arent really like the main page. You simply REPLY to create a pseudo post……its basically the same thing. Click on other pages on the site to see what i mean.
    I can create a separate Uniomniverse tag for you for your posts, to enable searching/filtering.
    Have fun with it! -F4x4

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