Warmachine and Grind!

KillerK picked up the GRIND boardgame, which originally listed at 70$ back in the day. The game looks fun and I am eager to try it out.
Finally finished gluing all the models and carving out the excess plastic for the interchangeable ball-joints on the steam jacks.

The minis that come with the game (total of 10) look great and seem to be cast from the metal version of the models which would cost quite a bit of money. They look to be compatible with the Wargame called Warmachine (by the same company)….so its like your getting 2 games in 1 with the Grind boardgame!

Here are the QUICK START rules for Warmachine….easy and fun!

Here is a great how to play tutorial for warmachine

So killerk, you have ample steamjacks to make up an army….you simply need the stat cards! Here are just a few found on google images:

Here is a sample of an army box

I personally own this box set—-let me know if your interested in painting!

Additionally, you can buy the stat cards for 15$ for an entire faction!


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