KillerK’s Dragonfly RC heli!

Here are some pics of killerK’s Dragonfly RC heli!
Initially it had power and antennae issue….but antennae has been replaced with a NEW one and Duracell batteries now power the transmitter.
Works great indoors—-just alittle too tight quarters to really test this beast…..yes its really not small at all. It is a whopping 16″! Will trial test it outdoors tommorrow and then bring it back on my next visit. Note= Rigt LED spotlight is non-functioning.

Here are some pics:

This very copter is available in silver(killerK),red and gold here:

Alternatively, there are some that are very much alike….not sure if they are as large though. Here are a few spotted via google images:

WALKERA LM400Q ….most likely out of production!

Century UK VAPOR ….most likely out of production!


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