(PRE-ALPHA) dot big bang – a free voxel editor w/ game creation (PLUS ME-MADE CREATIONS)

Today I am going to talk about dot big bang, a voxel editor! It is currently in pre-alpha. (This article is assuming that you know what voxels are; 3D pixels.)

dot big bang is a voxel editor that is in pre-alpha (as said before) that WILL have game creation/making features! I did not know that when I signed up but did after I saw this video:


I plan on using this as a visualization of some of my creature ideas! And, IF dot big bang does have multi-platform support (and if this turns out to be serious like Unity or Unreal but with voxels) then I would make games on it (most likely free, just so I can get something out there). Now, here are the ones I’ve made so far (note I just joined like 25 minutes ago from publishing and writing):

Beefulent (walking bees that form herds)

Barlin (creatures that mainly be still but can move through ‘flopping’)

Jume (creatures that love jumping)



So, this is the beginning of my voxel art! Maybe I’ll do some 3d-ized version of the guys from Worldly Encounters! I still have MORE articles to write about things about the Vortech Uniomniverse; geez, I haven’t even posted about the boardgame I am working (okay, I started today in the afternoon (EST), but STILL)! That one is based on an idea that Patrick (my brother) came up with (about ghost-like creatures)..!

Well, there are your spoilers 😉


BYE! And until next time, viewers!


2 comments on “(PRE-ALPHA) dot big bang – a free voxel editor w/ game creation (PLUS ME-MADE CREATIONS)

  1. Hey!

    Just wanted to come back and comment to let you know that we launched our game world editor a couple of weeks ago and we now have a dev blog that we’re updating: dotbigbang.com/devblog 🙂

    Thanks for talking about the project!


    • Welcome man! Really like the editor – good way to plan-out voxel models for future games! I personally would really like it if you could add file download – like one that can be exported into 3d modelers like Blender and Mudbox. Thanks!

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