Worldly Encounters Day Eight – Doing the fabled stop-in-development… BUT: INTRODUCING CHYBER

Hey, I have decided to do the fabled stop-in-development for awhile – mating is confusing for me in GameMaker; so many variables to create to make sure it does not do it to all of the same type of object/creature (e.g. pimker), plus with the code itself… Maybe I’ll just try to do other things for now; enemies, smart-pathfinding, a journal of creatures, maybe even writing pages (now I do not know how to do THAT at all)!

But here’s a larger-then-in-game image (exported as GIF) of a Chyber:


chyber – real size

chyber-baby – baby form

Here’re some ideas I have about chybers (through all of these may not be final, or at least in the game): Chybers are creatures that can go into the Digiverse of Worldly Encounters (basically the galaxy’s Digiverse), so in-game they can wrap around slightly ahead. They would probably be partly aggressive, but once they are attacked they shy away (hence their ability to warp so they do not get hurt and their name; cHYbers)..!

Also, there would be a Digiverse that the player can also go in (and bring select workers, besides the ones native to it) and find food, live-in, build in it, et cetera!




SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO there you go, an update! I may make a 3d-version of all the guys from before in dot big bang (see earlier article about dot big bang) voxel editor! Time’sa gone! BYE-YA!


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