NEW Pathfinder adventure card game!

This is the 4th BIG BOX (huge) adventure card game……takes alittle bit to get used to—-but once you pass through your first adventure, its addictive. And even better, this game is honestly best played 1-player….due to the amount of time it takes to get started and end. Each BOX set has its own prebuilt heroes and 1 adventure with many scenarios,,,,,usually there are 4-5 for each box set….and it doesnt stop there—there is a subscription service allowing you constant new adventures for awesome replay value!

Dont like lugging around the HUGE BOX? check out this awesome Carrying case that ULTRA PRO sells!

Additionally,,,,,,if your not sure if you would like this—-download for FREE The android app and give it a try….but my opinion is that it doesnt have the same FEEL as playing with physical cards and rolling the dice…..but, it will give you some idea of how the game is played and will enforce the rules for you without any worry of making a rules mistake!

GET it here

Here are some screenshots:


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