Tree of Life RPG – Character Stats (and how (most) of them work)

Hey, guys! Even though I haven’t played a tabletop/pen-and-paper RPG yet (hope to soon through), I started yesterday night when (uncle) Amos came over yesterday and explained a few more things to me and then for some reason (even though he has told me before and I read those rules) I got some of it. BAM. Then after some time (he was making up ideas for the Vortech Uniomniverse; oh I forgot to mention that this RPG is set in VU), thinking and mulling it over, I decided that I should just start typing! It’s called Tree of Life (ToL) RPG!

So, I do not have much yet, but I am going to talk about what I currently have for Character stats (through am still working on some). Not Character Creation (CC), just their stats. So here is the list of them and how they will (probably) work. Also, PC means Player Character. NPC is just the non-playable version.


HP – Health. Players must have at least 1 health (through it is not recommended) when doing CC

Goodness – The measurement of how much good you have done (or in some cases ARE). Players must have at least 3 goodness point when doing CC

Badness – Also known as evilness or sinfulness (in some cases), this measures how much bad/evil/sins you have done. Players automatically start out 1 in CC

Willpower – Mental strength. Grats players to do things like resisting mind-reading by those who can do so, amongst other things.

Magic – The measurement for how much magic or at least that has felt a magical presence. Having one usually means that it has “felt” magic before or seen it happen (but not know how to use it or do so).

Popularity – How popular a character is. This is usually only for the cases where an NPC has to decide who to pick or go with, going to the guy who has the most popularity, but this is not always the case.

Integrity – Morals, honestness, honor, and virtue. Integrity often clashes with popularity. Players automatically start out with 1 during CC.

Athleticness – Speed, fastness/slowness, parkouring, jumping, and athletic in general. Players that have 1 are not really athletic at all but can move decently and cannot do things like wall jump, jump then grabs a ledge, et cetera. Players that have 0 are sluggish.

Strength – These points are added to the PC’s weapons’ damage. So a stronger character can make something do more damage and (maybe) lift up certain things.

Debt – How much you are indebted. Debts usually come from things like borrowing and have to give money at a certain time but you’re (maybe)  past due. Once you have a debt you want to get it as fast as you can off your pack so you’re free for stuff later. Am still working on this.

Talents – Talents and also abilities. These can be doing things such as doing things (through most of the times it is not one of those) or just traits of their bodies, in general, such as flying.

Professions – The professions and jobs that they have taken on at one time or another or at least know HOW to do it.

Intelligence – The measurement of using your smarts and you level of intelligence. Just having great wisdom does not mean you have great intelligence.

Wisdom – A way of measuring your wisdom but not your intelligence. Other players can sometimes tap into other PC and characters wisdom.


Then there would be things like description and if wanted to a backstory of the character. Most likely there will be 24 points that can be used for the stats; even through that does not sound like much it isn’t. Here is an example of a (premade) player character that will be in the first adventure am coming up with, Dungeon Diving:


Goodness: 3

Badness: 1

Willpower: 7

Magic: 0

Popularity: 0

Integrity: 2

Athleticness: 1

Strength: 2

Debts: 0

Talents: Can turn into (seemingly) muddy brown slop

Professions: Guard, Scout

Intelligence: 7

Wisdom: 6

Description: A mudder with some gruffness and a grumpy looking face thus of its formations, he only joined for the loot – he was looking for nothing else. (MOST LIKELY, MORE WILL BE ADDED LATER)

Background: He had a harsh childhood, utterly mentally hurting him (and as some would argue wrongly his facial features also). Once mature, he started getting attack by mind readers. A doctor who specializes in mentality helped the “poor fellow” and raised his willpower so he can resist mind-readers. Now he is dipping his muddy sloppy toes into the water of dungeon diving, hoping to make a pretty buck so he can live with the doctor thus reducing his problems.




So, those are the stats! Some will probably change and be added, like things like Size (e.g. if you’re small enough you can go through small holes BUT can be easily hurt from larger characters/creatures), and Awareness (e.g. since he has high awareness he notices a crack of a twig whilst the party is moving jolly along, finding a goblin spy). I’ll probably post later soon (maybe even today)! But I want to work on a SIMPLE combat system (and weapon carrying); I will make a more advanced one later, after all, they commonly do that for many RPGs..!

Also, I plan on giving you guys and an excerpt from Black Fire, that sci-fi (w/ some fantasy) war novel!


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