How to build out a custom 1:6 figure!

rule#1 is to buy everything separately.

Start with a body….any will do they can range from 20-90$…the 90$ phicen bodies are seamless with a faux skin.

Next buy a head sculpt….you wont be able to do it better–these will run you about 30$ or more. here are some examples

check this amazing head sculpt with the eyes painted RED

go here to check out many more

Lastly, pick out a costume….these go for pretty cheap at around 20$
here is an example of a female super hero costume: called “super duck” for licensing purposes.

this custome set even includes the HEAD SCULPT!!!!


4 comments on “How to build out a custom 1:6 figure!

  1. Yeah your right about the creepy….it is not a socially acceptable thing 😉
    Love the “art” and detail of it though…..i will pickup the “WELCOME TO MARWENCOL” art book (277 pages) and bring it with me for you to check out!

    Want to build a village, when there is more time……will be kinda large since this is 1:6 scale. The stuart tank and jeep you provided will help in making a convincing diorama.

    Seriously thinking about picking up that CHENOWETH GI JOE Buggy at that toy store you took me to last visit….was a GREAT buy for the price!

  2. hot toys has a 1/6 joker that is pretty creepy indeed…but i must admit the harley and joker story in the SUICIDE SQUAD movie pretty much made the movie! If you havent seen the movie yet, i’ll pickup a copy to watch when im down there next time.

    OH,,,,if you like the “kevin spacey” figure i provided for you crawler—-let me know if you want another one for the passenger seat!

    Big Lots carries the WORLD PEACEKEEPERS line of 12″ action figures which has some amazing detail in the head sculpts. Here are some of the 2016 figures:

  3. Let me know if you like the asian soldier……i can pick it up at a decent price!…….let me know soon though,,,,,it will go quickly since this is a rare thing to find—-usually they are all ken-like dolls and rarely cover such a diversity like the ones listed above! -F4x4

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