1980s hollow handle survival knives

 photo survival-knife.png

I still remember mine

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37 comments on “1980s hollow handle survival knives

  1. Got a coupon now only $7.99, everyone say merry Xmiss. Everyone’s getting one and we’re going to test them out and see iif we can distroy them and modify them. I’m starting a youtube channel called cheap azz survival. Basicly a channel on the cheapest surivival equipment you can find and then test or distroy and review it.

  2. HERE’s an idea………a BEYONET for a gun! Some ideas below:

    There has got to be a survival knife mounted somewhere on these bikes!
    yes the 199$ TARGET/walmart FAT BIKE is beckoning us NEXT Christmas 😉

    Some neat ideas for the BAJA bikes

  3. Also for the channel I’ve created a character ” Rambone 3000 or Rombo 3000″ an 80s Rambo like super survivor that knows everything their is to know about survival, bush crafting and outdoors stuff. I’m thinking Pual could play the character and do stupid stuff to test the item were reviewing at the time.

  4. Sounds great! Additionally i may dabble in stop-motion comedy with 12″ soldiers? hmmm,,,,,,have to think that over.-F4x4

    here are some possible head sculpts:

    oops wrong character

    Maybe even mix up some celebrity boxing champs like PAcquiao?

    • yeah i love the detail….no actors necessary—if we can master stop motion like ROBOT CHICKEN…..or MIX media where we cut to a POV shot as if looking through the action figures eyes. Just some thoughts.
      AGain these head sculpts go for 30-50$…..thus pick carefully. Your “kevin spacey” action figure in your crawler would make a good character too—-i did buy another one, with the exact same head sculpt….since it is so very unique!

  5. I did pickup three of the harbour freight survival knives for $7.99 each. We each get one, I feel like I’m twelve again. This knife is a lot better than what we had in the 80s. I’ve already thought about a few mods I’m going to do to improve it.

  6.  photo IMG_20161209_224648.jpg

    Here is my modified knife. What you don’t see is that I locked down the set screw with JB weld and filled about one and a half inches of the handle with epoxy resin, hope that secures the blade.

  7. You know I bought these knives as a joke more or less, but now I kind of fell in love with it I think I’m going to be heart broken if I break it during our testing

      • I see wow, I was just improving the functionality of the knife so that it last longer and more functional. I like where your going with it though. I wonder if a steel pipe would screw right into the threads of the knife and would it be strong enough to use.

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