Tree of Life RPG – Chance Die, Aspects, Debts, and more!

Hey, today I am going to talk about chance die – basically the success/failure – amongst some other things. I have been learning more about RPGs, such as FATE core RPG rule system.


Each player has a chance dice. They are d7 dice. Here are all the sides (in a partially random order):

Success; success with a consequence; outstanding success (gives an advantage to the player even if the success of the task itself already gives one); failure; failure with an advantage; utter failure (opposite of outstanding success); failure with a consequence.

Consequences are negative results of an action or attempt that could at it’s plainest either succeed or fail. I.e. player Lamloon (loon-type bird blueish g) attempted to chop the rope holding up a valuable crate with his grey, dull beak – (the dice are rolled; it comes up as success with a consequence)  – he did it, but the cargo dropped down – and broke into a million pieces. Now Lamloon now has a debt…


Debts are, literally, debts. They are things that one owes to another. Debts usually have a select date they have to be pay OR there will be consequences..! They help influence the way player (and potently game) plays out in the long run. I.e. Rosk has to pay his bills before the sun sets or he loses his place as manager, but (a consequence of the mission here) he’s gotta go through the wastelands to get back in time so he can stop the scum closing down his business, Ray Cell!

Here are also some other at-all-times stats that influence the player character: Moral(s) (typically the strongest of them; easier for gameplay that way), Backstory, Goal(s) (typically the most-wanted-to-achieve one), and Instinct (e.g. Ramboo the ghost phases away at sight of danger; naturally does something).


Another thing I’ve come up with are aspects (different form traits) – these could be applied to things like characters, weapons, vehicles – basically any noun (including places; e.g. the street was so noisy you couldn’t hear the shouting of others). Traits are kinda like natural talents; aspects are more like adjectives – fat, grumpy, ugly, funny, et cetera. E.g. the 23 Bazooka is green; heavy, gone through some ware-and-tare, etc., and traits for that weapon are (it) shots; (deals) devastating and exploding damage upon bullet impact (w/ splash damage); one shot magazine only; takes a while to reload, etc.



I hope to have more next time! Thanks for reading!




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3 comments on “Tree of Life RPG – Chance Die, Aspects, Debts, and more!

    • Actually, it is now a d6 die – I repeated failure with a consequence two times, just in different syntax! (Though I was going to have the pentagon shaped die at first for a d7) I have already started play testing a few basic features -so far with the oldest sister in the house and the second oldest brother in the house, and one of my friends (one of my co-workers for LTV)!

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