Thinking about a card RPG – VU Brainstorm

Hey! It’s been a week or two now (if am right) since I’ve written an article/post on ‘d’es ‘ere blog!’


Today I got a gaming mag by GameStop – Game Informer – and in the review section, I found what I think of as a card RPG. I looked at one of the one-post-page-review-of-a-game,-in-game image; it was either some inventory, something in a chest/loot box, or just saying what the player earned. It had a whole bunch of cards. They all either had a def. or off./dmg.. Then that got me thinking – a card RPG! Is there any out there? NO. Now, you may think of other stuff (including Pokey – something), as in other card games, but they aren’t tabletop/pen ‘n’ paper RPGs by far. I mean, there is none role-playing (you can’t really tell someone that saying stats is role-playing; they won’t believe you if they’re in their right mind) elements that are in modern fantasy/sci-fi/fantastical/whatnot card games, regardless of their “theme”. But why isn’t there (or at least that I know of)? Well, am just going to assume something: That my is a new (possibly newer) idea. Maybe someone has thought of it; maybe someone already made one – but it must not be that popular if I don’t know about it (or anyone else).



So, I am going to try something new(er) today: I am going do some brainstorming here. I am going to write down some ideas for your enjoyment! If this (as in after the post; in my life) goes well, aka passes the test, then I will do some follow-up!






So, if I do do this, I plan on making this an optional add-on to ToL RPG (Tree of Life RPG; in-dev pen-and-paper RPG), but also as a standalone. There will be defense points and offensive/damage(ing) points. HP/health also. Players will – hramm… hmm… – maybe – earn cards that either adds dmg. or def. points to them from monsters/loot drops and in chests. Hey, this will probably really work well with ToL RPG! Actually, it will probably work better if I merge the two RPGs together – or at least for the pre-written stories (as in support) of ToL. Now it – the fighting – will probably be more (okay, partially) turn-based. GMs can see to that so it plays out. Maybe I could use something like a d3 (triangular-based die) with a successful hit, a miss, or a trip-up (partially hurts the attacker who attacked) – not sure about that d. Now what should I all the system? Hmm… FlowFight (FF)? Hang Sy? DortalEngine? Hamronny – wait, what? Well, for now, I’ll just call it the ToL RPG TB (Turn-based) Fighting System.


That is literally all the time I have time for now, folks! YIKES! TEN MINUTES ‘TIL AM IN BED! Thanks for reading! (Follow-up planned; need to test and think some more)


4 comments on “Thinking about a card RPG – VU Brainstorm

  1. yes there are very few card-based rpgs out there……as a matter of fact they are pretty RARE. Here are the ones that i can think of:

    PATHFINDER ADVENTURE CARD GAME is one of the best, of which there are 4 different base sets each with a different theme. They are
    1. Rise of the Runelords (D&D theme)
    2. Skull and Shackles (PIRATE THEME)
    3. Wrath of the Righteous (EPIC level D&D, TITAN level enemies the size of cities)
    4. Mummys Mask (Egyptian theme).

    Each of the above comes iwith 1 basic scenario (to learn) and adventure pack #1 out of 5 possible. Base sets are about 44-50$, each adventure pack is about 9.99$ online. If you need to play with more than 4 characters……you can add the character expansion pack to add more characters.

    SHADOWRUN Crossfire card game
    Very nice and easy game. Not as complex as the pathfinder one…….BUT EXTREMELY THEMATIC and fun.

    Not really an RPG…..but sort of feels like one due to the PLOT twists and themes……what is nice is that you can pick your team of super heroes to counter against the villains!

    i’ve outlined each of these in some of the older posts on this site. Use the SEARCH feature to find them -F4x4

  2. If you have permission from your dad and mom to play the pathfinder game (i own both the skull and shackles and the wrath of the righteous), i can bring it next time to demo test the game… see if you like it. -F4x4

  3. Additionally if you need cards……you can pickup playing cards for 1$ per pack at the dollar store! These will give you an affordable option to make your RPG card game. In the pathfinder game, there were different types of cards:
    1. banes
    2. boons
    3. barriers
    4. Allies
    5. weapons, armor, spells, items6
    6. BlessingsM
    8. location cards
    9. Adventure path—which dictated scenario cards, which in turn dictated location cards which lastly dictated the # of cards from #1-6 above. MIXED all together with a little theme and a mission… lead to a believable RPG using cards.

    More importantly, character cards should have an UPGRADE path so that your character can grow.–F4x4

  4. Let me know if you are seriously pursuing the VU rpg Card game.
    Albeit, i am no artist like killerK……..i am willing to contribute “ART” for the cards.
    Just need a description of what the picture needs to convey!-F4x4

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