How to Play Denzi

Recently I have decided that I am going to make some quick simple(r) games with dice as the main feature (or just the only part). My first one is Denzi – a 2 player (and higher if you want) dice game where you throw/roll the dice (d5; 5 sided dice, the normal kind) and try to keep them on a paper or flat platform of choice (I used a normal sheet of paper). The players keep rolling (at the same time) until they only one player’s die or dice is left on; he/she wins the game. You can think of this game as a dice battle game (excluding numbers, through).

Here are a few of the other rules (mainly for disputes among players):

  • Players can not throw/roll/hand-sling their dice above the paper/platform (which you can think of as the arena)
  • Players can only start with 5 dice and higher multiplications of 5 (e.g. 10, 15, 20)
  • There must be at least 2 players for a game/match
  • Players keep rerolling only with the dice/die on the arena
  • Players must keep the position of every dice that is not on top of the flat arena; this is because it is possible to hit a player’s dice/die back into the arena’s field
  • Players can not be on the same side/area as another (basically each person has their own personal space for themselves); through as long as nobody is there they can change their spot/position
  • A die must be at least a quarter on the table (unless it somehow lands and stays on a tip/edge/corner) for it to count as a usable die for the next round
  • Players can roll/throw with multiple hands; just that (but not in Tactler unless desired) they both must roll at the same time



  • Have each player’s dice in their pool should (or can be) one color/have one coloration unique among the players; this is so players do not get confused so they know whose is whose dice




Supplies, anyone?

So, now you know how to play it – where and what do you need now?

Well, you need at least 10 6-sided/d6 dice (that is if you want to split it 50/50 for two players). I bought my dice at Walmart for a dollar – and they weren’t on sale (nor near sold-out)! If you can’t find it there, then maybe try to find a boardgame store; they are bound to have it there..! Now you need a paper that you usually use here (USA) for printing on a printer. Now, you can always get a bigger/smaller paper if you want too; you can even just rip it up until you like the size – just make sure it is flat.

So, unless you bought different color dice at the boardgame store, you still have a problem: Same colored dice… A quick fix for this one is to draw a line with something like a sharpie on each dice, at least letting it be on four sides of the die. You could do instead dots, a full new coloration, dip the dice in paint, et cetera. But beware: when you touch the sharpie to the die, it is going to be permanent. Even just touching it for less than a second and then wiping it away still leaves a strong stain.





Well, if you still want more Denzi frenzies, try these modes:

  • Point Denzi – Add up the points of the dice that are still on/in the arena (and considered usable) after each roll. The player with the most points wins!
  • Henzi – protect a light figurine or select die from going off the board; one player protects – the others attack! Note it is optional for the protecting player to have the same amount of dice as all the other/attacking players combined. Also, the figurine must be light enough that a dice can easily topple it over/move it aways. The figurine cannot be moved or stand upright during play. The figure has to be at least more than 3 quarters (3 out of 4) off of the arena
  • Frenzi – Full-scale battle! Let other remote control objects have a say during the rounds! Players can use only 1 remote controlled/programmed object or toy per round – before or after they roll! Cars, start your engines!
  • Tactler – The dice revolution! Set up light figurines (ones that could be used in Henzi, see rules for figurines there) and be the first player to knockdown the most wins! Players can set up other obstacles, just make sure that it is totally possible to hit the enemy figures. Players do not have an arena like before, so players can always pick up their dice/die and use them again after the roll (and the outcome has fully committed); also players do not attempt to make other players’ dice not usable, for the goal of this game is to knock down the most targets to win. It is optional (but recommended) that players take turns throwing/rolling their dice. Players must throw/roll some ways away from targets and their cover, or anything that can knock down the figures. If a figure lands upright it after being hit/ricocheted then it does not count.


A lot of this stuff hasn’t been tested yet (other modes gameplay-wise) or is still being tested so I would like feedback after you played the game! I am still working on it some more. These rules may and can easily change. Oh, and also most of those modes above (and the main, normal mode) can be mixed together. Feel free to make any modes yourselves; if you have any please post them in the comments – they will most likely be added to the list of game modes! The main game’s rule system is very flexible for any need or any type of game..!

Here is a link so you can view this blog post’s writing on Google Docs again, but mainly so you don’t lose the rules (the link will be updated with any update to this and following posts):


And sorry for any grammar issues! If you have any questions please ask them!


*NOTICE: This article I now see is written oddly – I plan on releasing a doc for the basic game for a quicker and less confusing start-up. Got to excited writing it that I forgot to say some things/said them in a wrong way.

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10 comments on “How to Play Denzi

  1. Man, over 850 words! WordPress was lagging greatly 3/4 of the way through! Tell me what you liked, didn’t, etc. after any playthroughs! Am about to go play test Tactler, or at least soon! Bye!

    • Thanks! Some of the other game modes (I think of most of them as extra) may no be as good as say, Denzi itself or Tactler. I have already tried out Henzi, but I may need to change some of it; plus when I played it with my younger brother he didn’t ever play Denzi before – last time it was with my sis (so I’ll have to play it with her before am sure if the mode is good)! I think I need to use a heavier figure myself…

      Tell me what you think of them! The other modes may need some rule adding/tweaking.

  2. Just started testing and had a few questions:

    1. What size is the play mat where the dice must stay?
    2. Is there a THEME to the game? for example: building territories on a map?

    I am partial to the henzi POINT BASED game…..primarily due to the randomness factor of the die result.

    How many games have you played thus far? ….and is the game able to capture your interest to play it more than 5 times in a row? …..just a few thoughts on game design.

    Yes i believe a playmat design is crucial for the game.

    • What do you mean ‘play mat’? Are you talking about some mat for Tactler? If you’re just talking about the arena for the main mode (and others) then just a normal piece of paper or else; it is really at your own will – just I suggest a normal averge paper that you use for a printer. For Tactler the theme is ‘total obliteration of the enemy forces’. The point based mode is just some extra; I added it since one or two playtesters wanted that. It really is an optional side-note rule (I put it in the wrong spot on this post).

      Now, for me yes – if I love playing it. I like the main Denzi mode more – the other ones, eh, need testing. Denzi is probably the best out of the whole game. I have played it more than 5 times at least – with my sister, with my brother, with Amma, and with a partially-close friend (better for testing anyways). It gets addicting for me. So those are my answers from a player’s perspective.

      Sorry if I answered weridly; I do not understand your synax this time for some reason (either on my or your end)..!

      I know, I need to make a better written how to doc – I’ll try to start today for the main mode so it makes more sense!

      • oh, now i understand. The size of the arena was what i meant as the play mat.
        Cool, the arena is 8×11 (printer paper). I asked about the play testing because in it is critical step in board game development. Good job 🙂

  3. Awesome! yeah it could be a target like mat….or an island theme with water….or a castle with a moat….ect…the skies the limit. You could even use a WORLD Map and conquer countries 😉 -F4x4

    • ???

      Am totally confused – where is there a play mat in the game? Or even an in-universe/game world or obstacles? Sorry, but I feel like am (and you are) talking about a different game… Am so confused..

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