ToL BoAR RPG Update – Almost Finished!

So, another RPG post. My RPG. Now, you may be wondering – BoAR? What? Well, I’ll tell you about that/what it stands for; but first I want to proclaim this:

(PLANNED) There will be multiple RPGs, each under ToL but with their own sub-names – e.g. BoAR. They will introduce new features and get more complex gameplay wise. Just like Final Fantasy Flight’s SW RPG series. New aspects. New features. Combine (my) RPGs together to get what you desired. Now, on with the BoAR!


BoAR (pronounced boar) stands for Basics of An RPG. Technically, it is really Basics of A pen-and-paper RPG. This system (like most ones I will probably do in the future) is non-point based; also, this one doesn’t have XP or any stats that can be upgraded. This is to teach people basically how RPGs (especially ToL) work at the most simple level which expands across the whole genre. The name. The titles. The race. The ‘I can do this really cool power: ‘; all of those and more. It is almost done to be officially shared so you can start playing (currently, it doesn’t come with a pre-built world nor a mission/plot/adventure) There is no HP or DEF nor ATK points at all. Like I said; it is the beginner’s guide to role-playing. Creative freedom. This one also includes the fabled Chance die.

I decided to work on this right now because, well, most of those other stats I have not tested/thoroughly worked on them yet. I’ve been playing with people who have no idea what-so-ever on how even a pen-and-paper RPG works; not always even the best at role-playing. Thus, naturally, it was easier for me to do this one (BoAR) first; When I release it for you guys it is going to still be in a play-testing state; the ed. will be Betta (take the t out and it is beta)!




Here are some things it will probably NOT have on this edition or things that maybe will be changed/redone:

  • A pre-built world & adventure
  • Pre-built & blank character sheets
  • Images
  • Revise writing (if needed)
  • (Perhaps) a small world-building guide
  • Else

I just put that up there so you guys know that it is not in a final edition with all that stuff.



That’s all for now! Next time I hope to post the game itself!


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