Lords of Gossamer and Shadow!

Based on the Amber Diceless rpg…..this game continues along the lines of the amber universe of creator, changer and destroyer roles. Every player is as strong as his imagination, but the auction based system keeps each other in check. A player maybe the “god” of war of all the players….but can easily be countered by a powerful healer in the world(s). Every “world” is a shadow of a players imagination, and you can find yourself a SUPERMAN in one world, and a mere mortal in a world of high technology.

The 2 pictures above represent a sample of the icon decks available. What is an icon deck? in Amber, you can communicate or call upon another person with their card.

Want to listen to a fascinating story? look up on youtube, the chronicles of amber

Here is the description:
Corwin is a prince of Amber, the “immortal city from which every other city has taken its shape.” All other worlds, including Earth, are shadows of that reality. Corwin has spent centuries on Earth as an amnesiac. But when someone in the family tries to kill him there, Corwin begins a search for his past. He quickly learns that his family has some very unusual powers. They can travel between Amber, its shadows, and Chaos by manipulating reality; use magical playing cards to communicate and travel instantaneously; and are able to walk the Pattern that created Amber. Corwin regains his memory, solves the mystery of his father Oberon’s disappearance, and fulfills his destiny–only to disappear into Chaos.
Merlin searches for Corwin and his destiny as a son of both Amber and the Courts of Chaos. His story parallels Corwin’s, answering many questions about Amber, Chaos, and the next generation in the family.

Listen to the book below…..its better than you think!


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