Epic Fantasy: The Card Game WIP update #1

Hi, guys! I again revisited one of my old WIP games – Epic Fantasy: The Card Game. As you can tell by the title, it is a tcg (trading card game or ccg; collectible card game), or at least it can be played as a tcg (technically, you never have to trade cards for these types of games, it is just it commonly happens to be that amongst players/fans).

If case you didn’t know, EF: TCG was originally named something different and was going to have plants vs. zombies characters, PvZ: TCG. It had only one stat, it represented the DMG/attack damage it will inflict upon opponents or/and (depending on if it was your turn) it’s health; okay, the card’s max health which it starts at. It was turn-based and tactical. It had on the card the character’s/creature’s name and a one-line description that really was a joke or reflected something about the character. There was space for an image/images. I personally liked the design of it; my present cards’ layout is partially based on that. If it was a plant, then it had a green background; if it was a zombie then it had a purple background (purple represented the faction in the PvZ universe). I played it with a few close family members and one (or maybe two) friend(s). One really liked it and wanted to buy it, but I told him that it was still a WIP. He was into the original PvZ too. Then, later I decided to switch to EF (this was right after I stopped (for the time being) working on the also WIP Epic Fantasy: Lordships), which is actually part of the Vortech Uniomniverse (VU). Hey, I need to show you some short story that I finished for my schoolwork that I liked a lot… Later in another VU post, I’ll share it with you..!


So, I made some cards up – like 50 cards that were character cards; not events or else like before –  and then I stopped. I realized it really needed something else, more options – make it feel more like a real war/complex battle. Fast forward like a half of year later, and here we are – me typing this post after I came up with a two day old (9:10 PM here) idea that brought be back. Now the cards have separate stats – HP and DMG (like Lordship’s AT). Mainly for things like, “oh, this guy is weak, but can inflict a lot of damage.” An example of this in the real-world here on Earth are venomous snakes and poisonous amphibians. Now they also have real descriptions. Also for some cards a rarity counter (common, uncommon, etc.). Still has a name, same place for stats, the exact same place for an image. But now the cards are bigger – the width is 3.25 inches and the height is 5.00 inches. Yay, big “gnarly” cards. Real displayable collectible cards here. Like before, you still fought the enemy player. As one of your options, you can get a card from your card deck (it is made of currently fighter cards and action cards) to add to your army or in some cases add to your game-stock of actions such as retreating and negotiating with NPC enemies – ahh, yes, now there are NPC enemy groups. That was what brought be back. Every (currently) 5 rounds (still has to be tested; each round is made up of turns) you have to pick from the event card deck. One of the types of cards are invasion (event) cards – they introduce prebuilt enemy card hands/groups to the board. They get their own turn and are willing to attack all the players on the field. Dang it, I gotta go to bed… BRB!



*The next day*


Okay, am back! Hmm, I never talked about action cards – they let you do stuff like negotiate with the (NPC) enemy and retreat while the enemy is on the field. But enough talking, I let you guys see the cards for yourselves (please note that I left space for images and the final card layout may not be like this). Blue are action, orange for invasion event, and white (probably will be changed later) are fighter cards. Oh, and the red in the corner means they are some NPC-only fighter. Here they are (slideshow style!):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I’ll post more soon (once I’ve made more content and rules)! Oh, and I changed by account name to Fiction Creator – bye!

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3 comments on “Epic Fantasy: The Card Game WIP update #1

    • LOL! You meant event cards, right? But regardless, I didn’t know about this at all! I plan on for some “normal” event cards will be things like diseases, killer weather, etc.

      Hey, you can design your own cards, and I’ll see if I think it fits in! Just please no good guy uses black magic thing; here is a card template I made that I am currently using:

      Ugh, it won’t work in the comments – I’ll do a post later than

      I still need to create more cards AND then test all these new features out… I have of said that the Guar tribe ICP consists of (currently) 2 sukoblin twig-fighters, 2 sukoblin archers, Hon-suu (secondary), Shon-kuu (primary).

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