EF: TCG Card Templetes

This is just if you want to make your own cards. Put them on here/comment (at it’s full/real size) and I will see if it fits or what needs to be changed. I suggest to post it in blog-format. Here are a few things that won’t be accepted (either because it doesn’t fit or for something else):

  • Zombies and similar (parasites are allowed)
  • Good guys who use black magic but are still deemed good, and vise versa.
  • Characters, creatures, and any other content from other fiction-verses or franchises (PvZ, Titanfall, Middle Earth (Hobbit, LOTR), SW, etc.)
  • Demons and similar cannot be good guys/help you nor be part of your army; just no demons (or any totally evil race), okay?


Here are the card templates that I am currently using (note: those that have blank spot on the right side are rarity counters; right now, the only colors I have designated are green (common) and a shade of purple (uncommon); don’t worry, I can put the rarity on for you… Oh, and red is for an ICP (Invasion Card Pack)-exclusive fighter card):


Fighter card template:



Action card template:



Invasion event card template:




I’ll get (make) more cards later…

Thanks in advance!



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3 comments on “EF: TCG Card Templetes

    • Sorry, I do not know anything about Blade Runner (only reason why I knew it was that was, well, I saw te photo and I figured it was from some other franchise; looked it up and I was right), BUT am glad you get the card layout. I cannot use this for EF since it is going to be its own franchise; sorry…

      Once you make some ones that you think can officially join, post them for me! Oh, and also, do a card number above 20; I’ve been making a few more cards, and I do not want to keep changing the card number.

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