Technoir RPG!

Reviews are good!

“The Product

Technoir is a very attractive 208-page digest-sized book with glossy paper and great production qualities. There’s very little art, but what there is fits the game like a glove. The text pages have color, but not a whole lot of it – mostly to punch up the copious diagrams and worked examples through the text.

It’s a very easy and pleasant read (I finished most of it on an airplane): the guts of the system are laid out in easy-to-follow step-by-step directions. There are also a lot of examples: in fact, for most of the system explanation, there are rules on one page and an example on the facing page.

There’s a brief one-page index and a solid table of contents – which is great, because the game is organized for learning rather than reference during play.

The pdf version is well-bookmarked but not hyperlinked.

There are several free resources at the Technoir Downloads Page:
Most importantly, there’s a free Technoir Player’s Guide that contains the basic rules and character generation system.
There’s a free character sheet.
And a Transmission – the guts of a setting and adventure, the Twin Cities Metroplex”


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