A Post About BoAR (ToL) RPG Rules Add-on

So, I have started writing some of the RPG rulebooks. Technically, right now am working on a rules add-on. Just a few. A sneak check, a possession check, and a state counter. And in this post am going to talk a little about it.

The state counter is a pretty simple thing; it is a sheet that is assigned to a character where players circle what state(s) their character is in. It could be simple things like awake, asleep, KOed, et cetera, but it can also be more complicated like paralyzed, in-cryosleep, on-fire, wet, dry, etc. I have not playtested it yet, but the biggest use I see for it is that if a game stops in mid-story, where then the players come back the next day(s), then they can already have a little info. E.g. “okay, so my character is on fire, so I should look for a water source…”

Now, in this one, am going to have the chance die in it. I have already spoken about that die. But let me tell you something new about it: The chance die like before has symbols, BUT it also now has in the bottom left corner a number. Like the die’s faces, it only goes 1-6.  Oh, and I now (using that word a lot) have another stat that is number-based: The character’s dice pool (count). These are used for checks. Let’s talk about one now.

In a possession check, the character’s have to be in a ghost-state to take-over a non-PC character’s or creature’s mind (or control an object). If they have 1-6 dice in their pool, then they roll 1 die, 7-12 equals 2 dice rolled, etc. They use the number, not the symbol, for this part. This is the max count of dice they can use. If it is above the dice pool’s count, then that player just uses all his/her dice. They roll against each other, and whoever has the better “hand” (the best dice faces) wins, and can control the character until they dispossess it or until something happens that the GM says undoes the effect. Mind-reading is virtually the same, being a little different, but the dice mechanics themselves are exactly the same.



Am not going to talk about the sneak check yet, but think stealth vs. awareness. I may even make a magic check, where it (may) act similar to a possession check. Well, actually, I think now am just going to make it GM, pick a number, if it lands on that then it fails, otherwise, magic equals done and successful. Though of course, this check may not work all the time for spell-casting.



One comment on “A Post About BoAR (ToL) RPG Rules Add-on

  1. Don’t worry, am still working on this, off and on, off and on! But am not going to do a magic check for now; I just want to get the game into a rulebook for others to test..!

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