Messing around with my Wacom pad – #1

(Note: my drawing skills are not very developed. This was made using Also, the last image – the sukal (looks like a skull-headed and skull-bottom-halved race with octo-flesh parts) – should be viewed in the black background mode (e.g. view on D.B.R.C Racing’s website-blog instead of the WordPress reader), and the ones with the black lines in “white mode” for some of the pictures. Also, this is not in order of when I drew it. The ones with the no-black-lines are newer ones; sukal = newest.)



Scrig (part-fishy race)



Krolg (small race)


Octro (race)


Scgrog (race)



Sukal (race)


By FictionCreator Posted in GAMES

2 comments on “Messing around with my Wacom pad – #1

    • Thanks! Also, could we get an update on your D.B.R.C. Racing game? I have an idea for a racing game that I am going to make so I thought I should seriously take a look at yours.

      But I always have your old manual. Am going to look at that now, I think 😉

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