Shopping to Creatures – #1

Hey, guys! A little while ago I tried “photoshopping” creatures in the wrong software –! Now, these two are my first, so they aren’t going be as good as they could/will be in the future. These I am probably going to make into Epic Fantasy creatures/races. But I definitely want them to be part of VU..! Also, I may switch my profile image at times over to the gillolf… ‘Cause he’s awesome! Enjoy!


Forguana (large animal)





By FictionCreator Posted in GAMES

3 comments on “Shopping to Creatures – #1

  1. Be sure to follow my WordPress blog at

    I plan on posting more there 😉

    • Thanks! Just started and not really anything yet. But once I release something (as in media such as a book, game, video game, et cetera) I’ll post about it on there and post the link on this blog (so you know something has happened).

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