Hey guys! Through I haven’t posted about it here on this WordPress blog I have been making a game called Life the Videogame or LTV. It is a blocky 2D, pixelated sandbox game.

Am pretty new at coding, so I don’t have stuff like enemies (because I cannot figure out or find a tutorial to make them jump up blocks), but I do have things like building and destroying, PC/Character Skin (CS) changing, and such. Not a lot yet, but hey, my some of my friends and family REALLY wanted to be able to download it on their PC, so I let out the buggy. And then I fixed it.

Anyways, I’ll post some about the game later on here (and maybe a download link for the installer), but for now, I started an LTV Youtube channel (LTVube) today (technically 28 days ago, but today I uploaded the first three):

It currently has one that showcases two sfxs and two tracks that is coming up in the newest update (Egglet, and the other two are sprite making videos that were sped up 10 times.



If you have any questions or feedback (either from what you saw in the video or if you got the dropbox download link), then post it on here or on LTVube..!



– FictionCreator, The First VUer

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6 comments on “LTVube!

  1. WOw that is awsome! What are you using to drive the game environment?
    Love the look of the pixel characters….better than what i can do… using a WACOM digital tablet or just mouse? -F4x4

    • What do you exactly mean by “drive the game environment” forward? Mechanics or story-wise? In the future (may not even be in this game engine), I want to have random quests given by NPCs, dialogue that branches, and advanced combat of all types (in the end I really want to have it so you can build your own weapons such as guns).

      So far, I have been using the mouse’s precision, through I’d probably use it when the chance arrives. I’ve been doing other things with it, through, and pixelated works are acceptable to do on the tablet.

      I just really want to say that am virtually a noob at this, even though I’ve been trying to code in this programming language for 1 and a … half … years! Am trying to make caves right now, and a village with bisky dogs (the video for the villagers made are up on LTVube).


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