New Epic Fantasy: Lordships Dev Post #1 – Working on some characters again…

Hey, guys! Been a while since I’ve done a real, VU content-filled, non-announcing post. So, again, I came back to Epic Fantasy: Lordships again, with new eyes on the subject. Am not sure if I posted about it, but I remember thinking about some complicated crafting system and leveling soldiers to higher, more elite ranks. Also even house-building (mainly used for crafting zones). I think am going to scrap that; not something I would really want to do for a long time.

Yesterday (when I started working on it again), I created a few new characters (Z1 Helcon Guard, Nightgoblin Fire Magic-user, Scrom Stinger, Unipony, et cetera) for the players to control and fight with (and of course against). Added their M. (movement), AR (attack range in tiles), and MK (max kills for the turn). Then, I made some paper square to fit o n a board I made from a past EF: L session, and played with my youngest sister, Anna. As of now, we haven’t finished it yet (at the time of writing it is the day after), and we may not. But it got me back into the war game.





Now, let’s get into the gutsy meat:

So, today, an hour or two ago from now, I worked on it again. Putting the characters who were on paper, I now typed them up digitally on Google’s Docs. I added TS (tile space), so then we can not only have a slow movement for giants but now also have them take up more space! Right now, the planned wooden structures that can be built are bridges, platforms (jutting from land and carried by leviathans), walls, stairs leading up to walls (which are walkable), and ladders (used for going up walls, usually used for invading). Now, I’ve only tested the bridges so far. Right now, each costs 1 piece of wood, which can be gotten by chopping down trees (the only one I’ve tested are the aggressive Man-eating trees).


I made some dinosaur soldiers. I literally have three different troodon races… So, yay… Kind of strange to me, never really done it before, or at least not having them all under the same roof…


Anyways, I made some fighters and a few other trees. Now, I know originally I was going to do Epic Fantasy universe content, but am branching out into the whole Vortech Uniomniverse. Not really hard making up an explanation; I already knew in my mind that there was some secret portals around the universes, plus any tech made by other races. So, EF: L has some mish-mashed content within it!


And before I end, am going to provide a WIP view-only link to the doc am working on (with the fighters on it currently):\


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2 comments on “New Epic Fantasy: Lordships Dev Post #1 – Working on some characters again…

    • Thanks! I may have to re-write some of the stuff, though so it may not make total sense – plus I still need to add a few more stats that I missed for the guys.

      Also, if you understand it and at least want to try it out, here a few things: one, right now all content is multiplayer (I want/need to add some “logic” for NPCs to run during the board game), and the paper I have is 1 inch by 1 inch.

      Here’s a link to the character’s paper pieces and such (Google doc):
      Make sure it prints the real size; I had a little trouble on our computers printing it out in the correct size. Warning: It takes forever cutting them all out, and you really don’t need to cut them all out or even print them all. I suggest doing the fantasy lord, of course, and the wyvern bodyguard (note: each player has only one F.L. and one W.B.), along with builder, tamer, soldier, and a few of your own picks. Oh, and of course horses – make them wild or pre-tamed at the start of the game.

      Also, on that sheet is the temp. structure tiles.

      Again, I need to add some stuff, and as you probably saw, yesterday afternoon I started working on the rules.

      More testing needed! This isn’t really typed up enough for testing, or at least that is my opinion.

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