New Epic Fantasy: Lordships Dev Post #2 – Quick update

Hey, guys! I don’t plan on making this very long, just wanted to talk about what am planning and doing right now for EF: L!

So, besides writing all the rules down (and in a way that people can read correctly always), and of course make more characters and such, I need to do a little bit with simple trap/defense making and am thinking about doing some logic for the NPCs. Go to the pile of NPC moves, draw a card: It’s a move card. So, roll a d9 (or whatever), it lands on 4. It says if it landed on 4 then move 1 to the right. Keep rolling until you get to the entity’s max movement for that turn. If it landed on a 9, then stop. That’s an example of logic that I may do.

Besides that, once I release it (as in publically, as in get-copyrights-and-ownership-then-publish-through-board-game-publisher) or maybe before that, I may also do something like a monthly release of a new content. Probably entities, ones made to be played and others as enemies for players (through, of course, you don’t even have to convert it for play; one of the cool ways to “hack” the game).


That’s all for now! Thanks for reading, and I’ll continue to work on it (it will privately get released someday)..!

By FictionCreator Posted in GAMES

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