Tales from the Loop RPG!

Been reading this rpg recently and its fantastic! Recreates the feeling of being back in the 80s again when we were kids. Think of it as playing an rpg that puts you into the mindset of kids 10-15 years old along the likes of the GOONIES and Stand By Me. IN addition it loops in a SciFi element where the kids all live in suburbia near particle accelerators (Think Sweden’s hadron colyder project),,,,,which in turn have adverse affects on time. Robots are also common as well as gravitational propulsion, which is described in great detail of the book.
If interested, let me know and i will loan you my copy to read! The game mechanics are really easy…..funny thing about the game is that once your character turns 16–he is no longer part of the game……possibly turned over as an NPC (nonplayer character) in the story.

The rulebook is written extremely well and the art is AMAZING! Enjoy these few pics:


9 comments on “Tales from the Loop RPG!

  1. Cool! Always interested in fictional worlds (specifically their worlds, races, creatures, and machines). Am not sure yet if I would like to borrow it yet (let me research it some more); but I have one question: Is this just the rules or is it the whole deal (excluding expansion packs)?

  2. This is a rather small rulebook around 180+ pages. I like this game alot…..but only because it is written in an Alternate 1980s culture. You have not experienced the 1980s like myself and your father,,,,,,thus it may not be the game for you.

    However, there are a few games that you may/may not like that i can lend you my copy if interested:

    The Warren https://dbrcracing.wordpress.com/2017/04/23/rpgs-featuring-animals/

    Mouse Guard https://dbrcracing.wordpress.com/2017/04/23/rpgs-featuring-animals/


    if you pick starwars….which one? -F4x4

    • Sorry, missed these comments – Wait, do you actually have Mouse Guard RPG? I would definatly like to look through that.

    • Also, if you have one of FFF’s SW RPG, I’d like it if I could look through it – still haven’t played one of them pen and paper/tabletop RPGs yet. 😉

      • Sounds good, i’ll lend you a copy of my SW rpg book—-which one of the 3? They are all CORE rulebooks.,,,,thus any one of these will do. Here is a good comment found on reddit about the differences:

        “There is a lot of overlap with the core rules books. They are cross-compatible but each book focuses on a specific type of campaign, with specific rules over the mechanics for their respective type of characters.
        Edge of the Empire – Scum and Villainy. Bounty Hunters, Explorers, Hired Guns, Smugglers, Slicers, Outlaws. Characters like that. This focuses on the underworld of Star Wars. A key factor in this one is that all the players have a particular obligation that sort of “haunts them”, similar to Han Solo’s debt to Jabba the Hutt.
        Age of Rebellion – The rebellion military. Soldiers, Pilots, Spies, Commanders. This focuses on the military combat of Star Wars. The hook in this one is the players have a duty. Their drive that brought them into the rebel alliance. Think Princess Leia’s drive to the Rebellion.
        Force & Destiny – Here be your Jedis. This is still in beta. This one has a morality system… that I haven’t really read up on yet.
        Their starter kid includes dice, a pre-made scenario, and basically everything you’d need to know to run that pre-made scenario. It’s a good way to test out and see if you’re interested in actually getting into it.
        All of the systems have their own supplements, which tend to focus either on a particular system (Corellia, Hutt Space) or on a particular career (Explorers, Hired Guns). And there are also some books that run specific adventures (The Jewel of Yavin, Beyond the Rim)
        If you are going to create characters, you’ll need a Core Rulebook. I would recommend just picking the one you want to start off with. What you think would roll best with your group and what you think would be most interesting. Focus on that one, get supplements as your interest grows. Maybe buy into the other systems at another time. Then you can start to think about actually having campaigns that mix up the group.”

        Just look over the 3 different books off of Fantasy Flight Games website and let me know which one you wish to dive into! -F4x4

  3. However, if you still like Tales from the loop—-you can still pick that one. Just remember it takes place in the 1980s and you are a child between the ages of 10-15 years of age having adventures in suburbia situated around the mysterious particle accelerator called “THE LOOP”.

    Here is a sample of what a character sheet looks like:

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