Group 5 VWs by Carrera!

Awesome looking Group 5 VWs!
interested in some Group 5 racers not by VW? check out some of the pics here:


6 comments on “Group 5 VWs by Carrera!

  1. yeah i was just thinking…….if we standardize the track design (same layout and distance)—-we could race solo and compete by timing laps. I have the ultra simplistic scalectrix timer that came with my set….not great, but functional

    not sure if yours had a timer on it.

  2. Yes, i would definately say the group 5 cars are up there as one of my favorites……their like a blend of rally and muscle car.

    Here are the type of cars that you can choose to race in Group 5.

    i didnt realize it…..but i actually have 1 group 5 slot car! Its the Revell Greenwood corvett. This car is slow to start…..BUT its top end is fantastic! …..always wanted that daytona cobra (revell) show racing the corvett in this pic.

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