Making 1/18 look good!

Just a few pics that show promising results with 1/18 scale (3.75″) figures!
NOTE: most or all of these are by calvin customs.

BESM rpg Character Diary!

want to flesh out your character? Check out the 4$ BESM character diary!

“This is the ultimate role-playing journal for your BESM anime characters! Look inside and you’ll find a complete 20-page character record with sections for Stats, Derived Values, Attributes, Defects, advancement, weapons, shields, magic spells, mecha designs, unique attacks, and much more. You’ll also find entries for your character’s personality, background, family history, relationships, occupation, and future goals. Finally, the diary includes over 40 pages where you can record your character’s thoughts concerning friends and family, secrets learned during each game session, sketches of people you have met and places you have been, and any other important game notes. The complete story of your BESM character — all in one place!”